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About: Analysis of Content

How Do We Analyze Content?

Content is analyzed by our team using in-house tools that assess presentation, thoughtfulness and validity. Content should be easily understood, well-constructed and trustworthy. Media, if displayed, should complement the story delivered on any given page. We love a good story.

How Do We Obtain Content?

Content is often contributed directly by you; otherwise, it's independently gathered by our team. We put a magnifying glass to everything possible.

How Do we Analyze Your Project's Content?

Your projects are often data-rich. We dial-in on validity + quality. If you purchase a Project Review, we'll endeavor to enhance your content with our in-house methods, known as Netto Notes. You will receive these after our analyses--read more: Project Analysis. We will also assess the way your content is displayed (i.e. the user experience, or UX). We strive to refine content, enhance visual impression, and advance market-oriented goals.

Project Review Package

Project Review + Netto Notes + Netto Score

Everyday Value: $259.99

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Upgrade to our Optimization Package

Project Review + Netto Notes + Netto Score + Split Testing Formula

Everyday Value: $379.99

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Go Further.

If your Netto Score isn't very high, then consider purchasing our Optimization Package--you can even define the parameters of the analysis of your project. This includes split testing ideas to improve your users' engagement. Nettopolis will help you take things up a notch.

On The Hunt For Greatness.

If we encounter a high-level of content quality across the spectrum of your project, we'll reward you with a higher Netto Score, which may get your work featured as a Rising Star. Your project could even earn a Netto Award, which rewards you with a free month in our Spotlight. Our vision is to efficiently increase your marketing success.

Our Mission Gets You There.

We work smart and quick with keen research and analytical techniques to deliver amazing results that will set you apart from the pack. Trust Nettopolis to help you grow using powerful, data-driven methods.

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