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Engage, Enhance, Enjoy.

Membership brings all of our tools to you. You can post, recommend, review, curate, collect content and express your interests in new ways. There's so much to explore!

Membership Is Exclusive.

If you have an excellent project, then you can be a member of Nettopolis. Each registration request is reviewed by our admins before granting membership privileges. We are not accepting all registrants at this time.

We Are Quality-Focused.

Nettopolis strives to bring a new level of quality assurance to the web. With your help, we'll fuel a brilliant flame that will cast a spotlight on the Internet with a curated information exchange.

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Depending on your profile type, you may own a physical location or an online service--and that's awesome! We want to help you reach a larger audience. We aim to send free, relevant web traffic your way--earn a Netto Award to get prominently featured. If you become a Netto Award recipient, you'll get featured for one month for free, or you can Subscribe to remain in the Spotlight.

Awards = Rewards.

Get in on the ground-level; maintain a profile with us to reap more & more rewards as our business grows + develops alongside you.

Our Vision = Something New & Amazing.

We strive to reinvent the web with a free, streamlined content discovery methodology, which is an equation of visionary search technology + easy browsing = happy users. As a member, you'll be part of a curated (hand-selected) content network that is forever evolving. To spur our quest for quality web work onward, we'd love to have you onboard!.

Here We Go... Up, Up & Away...

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