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About: Netto Awards

What's A Netto Award?

Your golden ticket to Nettopolis: Netto Awards get you instantly featured across our website, because your work is awesome.

Elite Status.

Possessing an elite Netto Award tells the world that your website, phone app, or location is in the top 1% of all analyzed projects. With a Netto Score of 90-100, your project truly is outstanding.

We Reward Awesome Web Experiences!

Netto Awards are delivered as graphics that add quality validation. Start with a Project Review today to get the balling rolling in your direction.


Your path to a Netto Award will likley start with a Project Review, which determines your Netto Score. During this review process, Team Nettopolis inspects your project's functionality using our in-house project analysis process, which is designed to assess + score + drive improvement. Whatever score you obtain, you can still attain a Netto Award. Your Netto Notes help you get there.

Project Review Package

Project Review + Netto Notes + Netto Score

Everyday Value: $259.99

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- Or -

Upgrade to our Optimization Package

Project Review + Netto Notes + Netto Score + Split Testing Formula

Everyday Value: $379.99

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Improve Your Score.

Let us help your project excel. With your Netto Notes implemented, you can resubmit your project. We'll likely boost your Netto Score! With our Optimization Package, you'll utilize split tests made for your users. Keep evolving. A higher Netto Score leads to increased user engagement.

Optimize, Earn Honors.

If you're an award recipient, you'll get featured for free for one month (Amethyst-level work) up to one year (e.g. Diamond-level work), or you can Subscribe to remain in the Spotlight for a greater duration.

Don't miss out!

P.S. If you don't earn a Netto Award, your work may be a Rising Star.