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About: Netto Notes

Unlock Your Website's Hidden Potential.

Your Netto Notes are the final result of your Project Review, which is an objective observation of your project's presentation / user experience (UX), platform performance (front-end and/or back-end), simplicity / complexity of your written message, and other variables that relate to the success of your unique project.

Netto Notes = Your Game plan for success.

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Notes are taken by hand and not automated. Expect a delivered product that's holistic, high-quality and succinct. We aim to help you quickly improve your project with observations that go right to the point.


Because your Netto Notes are made for YOU, you can even define key variables for which you'd like feedback. We'll team up here. We know what goes into a quality website and we'll employ our proven methodologies to empower you to transform your website into something truly exceptional.

Learn, Improve, Grow.

Enhance your project today with a Project Review & Netto Notes. You will also get a free Netto Score, Project Profile and access to the Nettopolis Network, which aims to utilize quality content to reinvent the way in which you experience the Internet!

Honors & Awards.

You may even earn an exclusive Netto Award and a free featured listing!

Note: If there is a paid wall or other access barrier, you will need to grant Nettopolis free, temporary access to analyze your members-area.