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About: Netto Score

Quality Validation At Its Finest.

Your Netto Score is an overall quality score that is gathered holistically & objectively after your Project Review. This score validates your site's quality, determines where (and how) it's featured and whether it earns an exclusive Netto Award.

Quality Factors.

A Netto Score ranges from 10 (lowest) to 100 (highest quality). Many factors go into a score, including your project's user experience (UX), front-end and back-end performance), written impact, quality of products or services offered, and variables (we're transparent and will define these) that relate to your unique project. If your score lands in the 90-100 range, you'll earn an exclusive Netto Award!

See How Your Project Matches Up...

To determine your Netto Score, Team Nettopolis will visually inspect your project using our rigorous, in-house project analysis, which is used to guage & improve your project. Your score is NOT set in stone.

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Improve Your Score.

We want your project to excel. So, if you don't earn a high score the first time around, your Netto Notes will help you get there. With your notes implemented, you can resubmit your project. We'll boost your Netto Score! With our Optimization Package, you can also optimize further with split tests made for your audience and aim for a desired score range.

Don't miss out!

Strive for an enhanced platform that your audience will love to use. A higher Netto Score equates to increased user engagement & enjoyment. Order a Project Review and obtain your Netto Score!

Note: If there is a paid wall or other access barrier, you will need to grant Nettopolis free, temporary access to analyze your members' area.