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About: Profile Types

General Users

Our General Users include folks who do not have a vested interest in a website, phone app, or location. This profile type represents our largest userbase and typically only consumes data; however, a select number of General Users become members and contribute by writing reviews, recommending websites, posting apps or locations, starting communities, and helping curate our ever-expanding list of websites.

Web Publishers

Web Publishers are website owners, or webmasters, and their respective teams. These are often paid members who purchase Project Reviews, engage in split-testing, promote featured services, maintain Publisher Pages and utilize Netto Notes to enhance their web properties. Publishers aim for increased project visibility on Nettopolis.

Business (Location) Publishers

Project Review Package

Project Review + Netto Notes + Netto Score

Everyday Value: $259.99

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Upgrade to our Optimization Package

Project Review + Netto Notes + Netto Score + Split Testing Formula

Everyday Value: $379.99

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Brick and mortar businesses (our "Locations") are championed by "Business Owners" who are Publishers seeking additional foot traffic. We help Business Owners advance their marketing goals via business profile pages* and by pinpointing their physical locations on our maps. Business Owners often link their websites to their location profile pages for extra visibility. This profile type often represents paid members who wish to market their locations on Nettopolis.

App Publishers

Smartphone application developers make the amazing "Phone Apps" that we love to use. Our "App Developers" tend to broadcast at a higher level and, therefore, also tend to be paid members of Nettopolis.

*Project Profiles

Project profiles represent your websites, locations, and phone applications. These unique profiles offer advanced tools and function as amazing marketing platforms that are highly customizable, controlled by you, and serve as an integral part of the Nettopolis experience.

Supporting You

We provide a flexible web experience that helps your project gain awesome visibility. Profile types help to logically structure our platform and support your goals.