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About: Project Analysis.

A Proven Recipe For Success...

A project analysis will involve Team Nettopolis visually inspecting your project for improvements. In a way, it's an extra level of quality assurance; in another way, it's a method of optimizing your project's performance.

Factors Considered.

During your project analysis, we will focus on such factors as your project's presentation / user experience (UX), platform performance (front-end and/or back-end), simplicity / complexity of your message, written impact and variables (we're transparent and will define these variables) that relate to your unique project. We want your work to tell us a good story that adds real value to your audience. Trust us, impactful impressions will lead to quantifiably better results for you.

Leaving No Stone Unturned.

We take a detailed approach. You'll receive a set of informative Netto Notes and a Netto Score, which is the culmination of your project analysis.

Project Review Package

Project Review + Netto Notes + Netto Score

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Upgrade to our Optimization Package

Project Review + Netto Notes + Netto Score + Split Testing Formula

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Rewarding The Good Stuff.

After all's said and done, you'll have a Netto Score. A lot goes into that score, which ranges from 10 (lowest) to 100 (highest quality). If your project lands in the 90-100 range, you'll earn an exclusive Netto Award!

Build Awareness Here.

A Netto Award gets you featured across Nettopolis. You'll also receive an awesome graphic to place on your website, since quality validation is important to everyone. We know that your digital first impression is vital.

Make the right first impression.

It all begins with the purchase of a Project Review, which provides Netto Notes built to improve your web project.

Let's get the ball rolling...

If you'd like to optimize your website by leveraging real traffic data, then try our Optimization Package, which includes split testing ideas. You'll be applying improvements inspired by your users in a jiffy.