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About: The Spotlight

Featuring Your Work.

The Spotlight is a premium listing that honors your hard work. It's where the best stuff is featured on Nettopolis → Our main pages and site-wide menu.

Learn, Grow, Get Noticed.

Your high-quality posts may "Hit the Spotlight" after Team Nettopolis reviews your work. You'll need to apply, pass our rigorous review process and subscribe. Alternatively, you can purchase a Project Review Package or an Optimization Package and earn a high Netto Score to earn a FREE Spotlight listing.

Awards & Honors.

If you score very highly, you'll earn an exclusive Netto Award. We'll also honor your work by featuring it in the Spotlight for free for at least one month! You may also subscribe to have your quality project featured on an on-going basis.

Rising Stars.

Even if you don't earn a Netto Award, we may hand-select your project to be included on one of our main pages. For example, your project might appear in a Rising Stars section, which honors projects with Netto Scores in the 80-89 range.


The Spotlight is curated. We hand-select everything that we feature. Our aim is to couple this supreme curation with a vast array of content. Unlike With other online tools, we see paid search results presented above of quality results. Whatever grabs your attention in our Spotlight IS quality. Note: We'll need a logo image for your listing.

Project Review Package

Project Review + Netto Notes + Netto Score

Everyday Value: $259.99

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Upgrade to our Optimization Package

Project Review + Netto Notes + Netto Score + Split Testing Formula

Everyday Value: $379.99

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Buy Now: $279.99

Quality   >   Quantity.

We add "quality" to the content discovery ecosystem. Our purpose as a service is to transform the way people discover and market content.

P.S. Have A Look At Our Mission Page.

Nettopolis is an ambitious project that aims to become the world's best marketing platform. Utilize the Spotlight to expand your userbase.

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