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Special Intro Rates.

Early adopters: You're in luck! Lock in amazing intro rates on subscriptions that will get your project featured in the Spotlight or in a Sponsored Background on an on-going basis.

Prices Based On Your Traffic.

For small projects (traffic under 10,000 unique visits/month), you can lock in incredible low rates. For larger projects, we also offer extremely competitive prices. We'll keep you featured and send you targeted, interested patrons. E-mail us for a price quote.

Cancel Anytime.

You can cancel your subscription anytime. We'll only charge you for the days or months that your work is featured.

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Project Review Package

Project Review + Netto Notes + Netto Score

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Our vision revolves around your success. Whether your goal is to find something new, gain greater visibility for your website or express your interests, Nettopolis has just the right tools for you.

Sending Traffic Your Way...

Whether you own a physical location or an online service, we want to help you reach a larger audience. We aim to send free, relevant web traffic your way--win a Netto Award to get prominently featured. Get in on the ground-level; maintain a profile with us to reap more & more rewards as time progresses! Note: We're ethical folks who prize transparency. There aren't hidden quality scores or secretive listing qualifiers here!

Our Vision = Your Success!

We strive to reinvent the web with streamlined data discovery methods. With a curated (hand-selected) content network, we deliver high-quality web experiences that are forever evolving. To spur our quest for quality web work onward, we created the Netto Awards. Stellar web projects that adhere to our high standards deserve recognition... and to be featured.

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