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  • Phillips

  • phillips.com
  • "Phillips is the destination for international collectors to buy and sell the world’s most important contemporary works of art. Headquartered in New York and London, with offices throughout the..." Read More »
  • URL: www.phillips.comNetto Score: 96
  • Mecum

  • mecum.com
  • "The Mecum Auction Company is the world leader of collector car, vintage and antique motorcycle, and Road Art sales, hosting auctions throughout the United States.The company has been specializing in..." Read More »
  • URL: www.mecum.comNetto Score: 95
  • WineBid

  • winebid.com
  • "476,700 bottles of Bordeaux sold; 663,600 bottles of CA Cabernet sold; 251,800 bottles of Burgundy sold – and counting; 35,400 bottles of Champagne..." Read More »
  • URL: www.winebid.comNetto Score: 93

Auction Exposé


1962 Ferrari 250 GTO
Make & Model: Ferrari 250 GTO
Year: 1962
Auction House: Bonhams
Final Price: $38,115,000 (2014)


Label & Year: Cheval Blanc, 1947
Varietal: Merlot
Auction House: Christie's
Final Price: $304,375 (2010)

Anything Goes

Beatles Record
Item: 10-inch vinyl record
Band: The Beatles
Auction House: Omega Auctions
Final Price: $110,000 (2021)

Today's Spotlight Picks → Auctions

    • Flippa
    • Netto (Quality) Score 96
    • Website Flippa.com
    • Winner Netto Award
    • Description Flippa is a marketplace for buying and selling sites, domains and iOS apps.
    • Active Members 800,000
    • Key Feature 5,000 new businesses and domains are listed for sale on Flippa everyday.
    • Recognition #1 for buying and selling websites, domain names and mobile apps.
    • Founders Mark Harbottle, Matt Mickiewicz
    • Launched June, 2009
    • Alexa Rank 4,379 (Global Rank)
    • Owned by Domain HoldingsX
    • Sotheby's
    • Netto (Quality) Score 95
    • Website Sothebys.com
    • Winner Netto Award
    • Description Auctioneers since 1744.
    • Auction Products Fine Arts, Rare Books
    • Sales $853.678 million USD (2013)
    • Recognition Sotheby's is the world's 4th oldest auction house.
    • Established March 11, 1744 AD
    • Founders Samuel Baker, George Leigh and John Sotheby
    • Headquarters 1334 York Avenue, NYC
    • Location Type Auction HouseX
    • BNO (Bid Network Online)
    • Netto (Quality) Score 87
    • Website BNO.com
    • Honor Rising Star
    • Description Delivers real-time interaction between auctioneer, seller and buyer.
    • Key Feature Online bids are streamed instantly as they are submitted.
    • Fun Feature Bid Jumper: Jump ahead of other buyers and outbid them.
    • Recognition The world's first live, interactive, online streaming auction site.
    • Founder Nick Nassiri
    • Launched August 13, 2015
    • Alexa Rank 218,182 (USA)
    • Owned by BNO / Privately HeldX
    • eBay
    • Netto (Quality) Score 94
    • Website eBay.com
    • Winner Netto Award
    • Description eBay is an online auction and shopping website.
    • Active Members 162 million
    • Key Feature Auction-style sales and "Buy It Now" shopping.
    • Recognition World's largest auction-driven marketplace.
    • Founder Pierre Omidyar
    • Launched September 3, 1995
    • Alexa Rank 23 (Global Rank)
    • Owned by eBay, Inc.X
    • Christie's
    • Netto (Quality) Score 93
    • Website Christies.com
    • Winner Netto Award
    • Description Auctioneers since 1766.
    • Auction Products Painting, Modern art, Fine Arts, Pop Art
    • Sales $7.4 billion USD (2015)
    • Recognition Christie's is the world's leading art business.
    • Established December 5, 1766
    • Founder James Christie
    • Headquarters London, UK
    • Location Type Auction HouseX
    • SCP Auctions
    • Netto (Quality) Score 90
    • Website SCP Auctions.com
    • Winner Netto Award
    • Description #1 auctioneer & private seller of sports memorabilia and cards.
    • Key Feature Auctions conducted online.
    • Players Represented Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron
    • Recognition Auctioneers of the most valuable baseball memorabilia.
    • Alexa Rank 1,588,947 (Global Rank)
    • Founder David Kohler
    • Location Laguna Niguel, CA
    • Location Type Auction HouseX

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Netto Score: 96

URL: Tophatter.com


Netto Score: 95

URL: eBid.net

Bidding Owl

Netto Score: 94

URL: Biddingowl.com


Netto Score: 94

URL: Proxibid.com


Netto Score: 93

URL: Auction.com


Netto Score: 92

URL: uBid.com

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Review of Auction.com

I won my bid Nov. 5th 2015. I was not so confident in the beginning. I read some bad reviews. So here is my opinion.Don't be afraid to not go after what you want as a buyer. Bid with confidence. Yes..there is a price the seller will need met. With my property the reserve was reasonable. Even with the buyers premium I still got a fabulous deal... Read More »

Author: brandif1

Review Site: SiteJabber.com

Review of Tophatter.com

All brand named items are checked out, guaranteed authentic. I've purchased many items from jewelry to Coach handbags and everything has been just as described. Don't let a couple bad reviews dilute your decision to shop there. I've been both a seller and buyer on ebay, imagine the bad reviews they've gotten... Read More »

Author: mingmingc

Review Site: SiteJabber.com

Review of BiddingOwl.com

We used the online/mobile bidding only for the first time without having an actual event. We raised more funds for our non-profit than in previous years at our events. The ease of being able to do everything on-line, viewing auction, bidding, and bidders...is a huge plus. The fee they charge...is extremely reasonable... Read More »

Author: juliec47

Review Site: SiteJabber.com

Review of eBid.net

In Short: The Good 1- Fees are mostly a once off Lifetime Fee - Excellent 2 - You Still have the option to use paypal 3 - Site is easy to use and very easy to list items 4 - There is none of the DSR nonsense and FEAR of LOSING YOUR BUSINESS and livelyhood that ebay seem determined to implement on their site and to their... Read More »

Author: josephr78

Review Site: SiteJabber.com

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