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What is Nettopolis?

Nettopolis is an Internet Discovery Interface . It is operated as an educational, non-profit service, driven by one person (Brian) to map out a quality-focused InterNET environment. As such, Nettopolis is a home-grown, unfunded (no corporate interests here), grass roots project that strives to provide you with many routes to Explore The NET and gain visibility for your valuable web property, app or location.

How do I join?

Membership is highly selective. As a brand-new service, we want only the best patrons so that we grow in an amazing direction. If you have a stellar contribution, then we encourage you to apply for membership! If you are approved, we'll hook up with a helpful toolkit and deliver curated content to you based upon your interests.

Is it free?

Yes and no. It is free to explore Nettopolis and post your high-quality project(s) to our database of general listings; however, a Spotlight (premium) listing does come at a cost. Project Review / Optimization Packages are also top-tier, invitation-only paid products. Your contributions cover our operational fees. Explore our Product Suite »

What's The Spotlight?

The Spotlight represents ultra-premium listings. It's the exclusive digital real estate of Nettopolis where the best stuff is featured → Our main pages and site-wide menu. Your high-quality posts may "Hit the Spotlight" after you apply (we'll review your work) and you pay a premium listing fee. Note: The Spotlight is highly curated. We hand-select everything that we feature. Learn more here!

Where's XYZ website?

If you want your favorite xYz (whatever) listed, send us a recommendation. If it's awesome, then we'll add it for you and alert its Publisher, who will be granted control of the listing. You may join its community and track it for ongoing updates.

What's a Netto Award?

Netto Award = Elite Status. You'll get instantly featured across our website, because your work is awesome. Netto Awards tell the world that your website, phone app, or location is in the top 1% of all analyzed projects. With a Netto Score of 90-100, your project truly is outstanding. Learn More »

What's a Netto Score?

A Netto Score is a quality ranking metric that objectively gauges the quality of a website, app or location. A score will range from 10 (lowest) to 100 (highest quality). Many factors go into determining a Netto Score, including the user experience (UX), front-end and back-end performance (for websites), written impact, reviews, etc. Learn More »

What's a Community?

Communities help you express & share your many interests. They can be developed around anything, such as a game or movie, music or clothing, boating or autos. We hope they'll spark your imagination. You can add content, curate and express yourself in a whole new way. Post » or Explore »

Why so selective?

Nettopolis selects only the highest-quality content to feature and members that support our mission to deliver a superior web experience for all users. We're all about quality, not money, bogus ads or selling your data.

What are locations?

Locations represent your favorite parks, brick & mortar stores, restaurants, museums, yacht harbors, bookstores → Whatever brings your town to life and gets you offline. Link your location to your website for the most impact! Post » or Explore »

Is Nettopolis curated?

Yes. We don't use black box algorithms to post projects and content, nor do we post based upon bidding war victories. You'll see only the Internet's best of the best featured front and center. Everything here is curated by people for quality, especially our Spotlight listings. We do also add lower quality projects so as not to "over-filter" → e.g. you'll know to click cautiously if you see a Netto Score of 10. We don't shelter our users with extreme curation; on the contrary, we provide an optimal experience that leverages curation to go far beyond what's offered by mainstream search engines.

What's with the name?

In a poetic way, our service is a utopian "City of the Internet" that provides a "Better Net (NET) to (TO) the People (POLIS)." This strong drive for quality is how our name was formed. To learn more, checkout our Name Page »

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