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Netto Score 95 | Opal

95 Opal

The Netto Score Of Originality.

A rare creative few gain this honor. By obtaining this remarkable score, your work represents the top 50% of the 1%.

Award & Honors.

A Netto Score of 95 earns the Opal Netto Award. It is featured on Nettopolis for free for three months.

Brilliant Creativity.

Opal-level work is brilliantly creative. It works many original angles, twists and turns to get ahead of the pack.

Opal Qualities:

  • Responsivity, reach → Evolves wisely with the needs of its large audience.
  • Abundantly resourceful → Experience + growth backed by major funding.
  • Excellent execution → Amazing results in varied markets.
  • Focused strength → Commitment to breaking boundaries.
  • Dynamic energy → Scales successfully in competitive markets.

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