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Netto Score 98 | Sapphire

98 Sapphire

The Netto Score Of Fortune.

A rare few gain this honor. Within the 1%, Sapphire work is the top 20%.

High Honors.

A Netto Score of 98 earns the Sapphire Netto Award. It gains wide exposure and is featured across Nettopolis for free for three months.


Sapphire-level work reflects fortune beyond anyone's wildest dreams. With unparalleled resources, it's incredible and inspires awe.

Sapphire Qualities:

  • Vitality, staying power → Successful industry leader.
  • Balance of attributes → Harmony of design, services and mission.
  • Brilliantly creative → Employs originality to stay ahead of the pack.
  • Responsivity, reach → Evolves wisely with the needs of its large audience.
  • Abundantly resourceful → Experience + growth backed by major funding.
  • Excellent execution → Amazing results in varied markets.
  • Focused strength → Commitment to breaking boundaries.
  • Dynamic energy → Scales successfully in competitive markets.

We Honor Quality.

We review many great web projects, yet gems of Sapphire-caliber are rare. In our voyage to showcase the treasures of the NET, we strive to share web projects that truly inspire.

Let's Team Up.

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